On-Demand Webinar
Learn How to Enable an At-Home Workforce

During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to give your remote workforce the tools and data they need to be successful. As we all adjust to the current situation, there are a lot of newly remote users, a lot of applications being delivered, and a lot more data traversing the cloud. For those users operating in a remote and isolated 'new normal,' how do you ensure a productive and good experience, while maintaining network security? Today's distributed workforce gives malicious actors countless new targets to exploit. As a result, organizations are seeking the right balance between maximizing security and employee productivity.

In this lively 60-minute webinar, security experts Lisa Lorenzin, Bill Kleyman, and Greg Taylor explain how to provide both a productive and secure work-from-home experience. Key insights include:

  • The new 'normal' isn't so normal: Today's reality for many remote workers
  • Understanding risk during turbulent times and how legacy infrastructure compounds the problem
  • Re-defining trust during a time of uncertainty
  • Work-from-home strategies directly enable digital transformation: How to get up-and-running in a matter of days.
  • Customer stories, use cases, and best practices for your organization.


Lisa Lorenzin
Director of Transformation Strategy

Greg Taylor
Head of IT Infrastructure
Gerresheimer AG's US and Mexico Operations

Bill Kleyma
Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions