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How to use Zero Trust to transform IT to be a business enabler

Businesses are rapidly embracing digital transformation to be more agile and better serve their customers and employees. But this business transformation puts tremendous pressure on IT to transform as well, to not only keep up but lead the organization with business enabling initiatives to take the company to the next level. The change can seem daunting with 30 years of established processes and technology that is now being disrupted. Join this webinar to learn the ways that you can leverage zero trust to not only secure your organization but leave behind the technical debt as well so that your team can focus on things that make a material difference in the business and fuel its growth.

Discover :

  • How zero trust enables IT to transform with the business
  • How to leave technical debt behind and leverage zero trust to free up IT resources
  • Steps to take to transform IT and the pitfalls to watch out for

Kanishka Pandit
Product Marketing Manager

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