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How to Transform Security for Public Cloud Workloads with Zero Trust

How do you go about implementing a zero trust strategy for cloud workloads? The benefits of zero trust are very well articulated, but can you truly leverage the new architecture for workloads in the cloud? Isn’t zero trust a modern architectural choice that addresses foundational challenges to fighting cyber crimes?

How can you provide security professionals a simple approach to cyber by implementing strong authentication capabilities, application protection, and threat protection? We know that more than 90% (and growing) of traffic today is encrypted using SSL. When workloads move to the cloud, how can we enable SSL decryption in a scalable and efficient manner?

Zero trust presents an opportunity for IT organizations to resist the temptation of extending their WAN architecture that is used on-premises to the cloud. Existing firewall- and VPN-based approaches put enormous responsibility on them to configure policies and enforce remediations locally at each trust zone. This approach creates routable networks—a root cause for firewall bloat and untenable policy management.

Watch this on-demand event to hear from Mrigank Singh, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler and Sakthi Chandra, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Zscaler as they discuss the benefits of leveraging zero trust to protect your cloud workloads, how to implement a zero trust strategy for it, and how you can transform a firewall-based approach into an effective zero trust approach. They explore:

  • The top three use cases for zero trust when it comes to securing cloud workloads
  • If zero trust is an option for multi-cloud connectivity
  • What the specific benefits of zero trust are over NGFW
  • How zero trust can support macro-segmentation of applications
  • Tips and best practices to transition your current firewall/VPN to a zero trust-based strategy

Mrigank Singh
Principal Product Manager

Sakthi Chandra
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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