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How to Manage the “Gray List” – Unlock Security and Productivity with Isolation

Web and application access policies must balance the need for security and the need for business productivity. But where do you draw the line when it comes to policies for personal webmail, unmanaged devices, or newly registered and uncategorized web domains? How do you give secure application access to third-party contractors or to new users in M&A scenarios? Binary policies don’t work when legitimate use cases have unacceptable risk factors.

Isolation is the middle ground between ‘block’ and ‘allow’ decisions, and should be part of your access control strategy. By streaming pixels rather than full applications or webpages, you can allow users to access information while controlling the risk of malicious links or actions, including stopping zero day web threats.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Amit Jain, Sr. Director of Product Management, and Mark Brozek, Director of Product Marketing, as they discuss how your security team can utilize Isolation. Additionally, hear from Patti Ziehl, IT Security Analyst at Kimberly Clark, to learn how her organization has utilized browser isolation to improve their risk posture. They explore:

  • Why modern threats and business structures are rendering binary block/allow policies ineffective
  • How browser isolation works across key web security and data protection use cases
  • How Kimberly Clark managed their browser isolation deployment, what benefits they’re seeing, and what they have planned for the future
  • How AI-powered smart isolation further reduces the administrative burden and enhances security posture
  • 7 ways you can get started with isolation based on your organization’s priorities

Mark Brozek
Director, Product Marketing

Amit Jain
Sr. Director, Product Management

Patti Ziehl
IT Security Analyst
Kimberly Clark

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