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How to Futureproof Your Cloud Native Security

New innovations in Posture Control by Zscaler

Today’s InfoSec teams are drowned in data and alerts, and as a result, “consolidation” and “integration” have become the new buzzwords for organizations embarking on their digital transformation journeys, and with good reason.

Transforming helps to not only bring together siloed teams and point products but also reduce the effort required to correlate and prioritize cloud risks across your entire multicloud footprint. As such, cloud native application protection platforms, or CNAPPs, have gained much momentum. This is because a CNAPP is a consolidated solution for securing your cloud native applications from build to run, and such functionality has made them key elements of transformation.

Join us at this exclusive event featuring industry leader, and guest speaker, Andras Cser of Forrester Research to see our vision for a CNAPP. We’ll introduce game-changing innovations—such as native data protection integrated into Posture Control by Zscaler—that will revolutionize how organizations secure data within their public cloud environments while dramatically improving risk scoring and prioritization. In this webinar, you will:

  • See insights from Forrester Research on the market trends and 2023 predictions that are paving way for future proofed cloud native security
  • Learn how Zscaler is transforming the CNAPP space with groundbreaking data protection innovations
  • Be the first to get an exclusive data protection demo on Posture Control from product experts


Rich Campagna

Andras Cser
VP, Principal Analyst
(Guest Speaker)

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