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How to Extend the Zscaler Platform to Secure Workloads in a Public Cloud

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Interested in extending the Zscaler platform to secure your workloads in the public cloud? Looking for best practices? Where do you start and what do you implement to enable zero trust? VMs, Serverless, VDI, Containers—struggling to secure their ingress and egress traffic? How can you transition your cloud security to a modern architecture that is based on least-privileged access?

If you are wrestling with the above questions and looking for answers, you should attend this webinar.

Zero trust presents an opportunity for IT organizations to resist the temptations to extend their WAN architecture that is used on-premises to the cloud. Existing firewall- and VPN-based approaches put enormous responsibility on IT teams to configure policies and enforce remediations locally at each trust zone. This approach creates routable networks a panacea for firewall bloat and untenable policy management.

Watch this webinar featuring product and technical experts from Zscaler as they discuss how you can implement zero trust in five simple steps. Topics include product demonstrations and best practices to:

  • Implement advanced threat prevention using Zscaler zero trust
  • Enable proxy-based SSL decryption for all workloads
  • Activate data protection for cloud
  • Configure workload segmentation between different public clouds based on policy profiles
  • Enable log streaming from the public cloud to your SIEM for compliance & regulatory and SecOps requirements