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How to Ensure Data Protection with Security Service Edge

Companies moving through their cloud transformation journeys need a strong roadmap for data protection. With Gartner’s new Security Service Edge, data protection just became your top priority. Why? Breaches are on the rise, and remote users and cloud apps are putting more data at risk every day. To change the tide on these rising risks, Gartner has defined a new, unified approach to securing users and data.

Watch this webinar, with Moinul Khan, VP, Product Management at Zscaler, and Steve Grossenbacher, Director, Product Marketing at Zscaler, to learn what your data protection strategy should look like and why it’s more important than ever to have a holistic approach to secure your sensitive data.

Join to learn:

  • Why Gartner integrated data protection into Security Service Edge
  • How to properly build your data protection strategy
  • Why you need a unified approach to secure users, devices, data and cloud apps
  • How to properly secure all your data across cloud apps, BYOD, and workloads


Moinul Khan
VP, Product Management

Steve Grossenbacher
Director, Product Marketing

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