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How to Enable Zero Trust for Your Workloads, Applications, & VMs

Network and security professionals face similar challenges regardless of which industry they work in. Some of these challenges include securing web apps downloading patches from the internet, VMs making API calls to databases, or protecting data against sophisticated threats that move laterally throughout environments. Unfortunately, in many instances, these professionals are left to use legacy approaches such as on-premises firewalls and VPNs, which not only increase operational complexity and cost, but also are inherently misaligned with zero trust principles and leave organizations open to cyberattacks.

Fortunately, Zscaler is here with the correct answers. Zscaler for Workloads allows organizations to leverage the power of the Zscaler platform to secure multicloud connectivity and extend zero trust security to their VMs, applications, containers, and more.

In this webinar, Zscaler experts Mrigank Singh, Principal Product Manager, and Sakthi Chanra, Senior Director of Product Marketing, will demonstrate how Zscaler can effectively secure your organization’s workloads with zero trust.

  • Explore the technical benefits of using Zscaler to secure workloads, applications, and VMs
  • Learn first principle design elements to segment and secure internet access for public cloud and on-premises data center environments
  • See a live demonstration of best practices for implementing zero trust for workloads


Mrigank Singh
Principal Product Manager


Sakthi Chandra
Senior Director of Product Marketing

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