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How to Clean Up Your Cyber Attack Surface

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Over 26,000 exposures and vulnerabilities were reported to CISA last year, many of which involved the largest and most critical IT products – including ones often thought of as security tools, such as firewalls and VPNs. Threat actors regularly exploit these vulnerabilities in order to gain access to organizations and execute their attacks.

As organizations expand their digital footprints, they must do so with a lens toward cyber hygiene to limit their exposure. Zscaler conducts extensive ongoing research on these exposures and vulnerabilities and regularly guides our customers on how to reduce their risk.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Mark Brozek, Director of Product Marketing at Zscaler, to learn:

  • How attackers discover and exploit infrastructure as part of their attack sequence
  • Three fundamental strategies to minimize your attack surface and dramatically decrease the risk of being found and attacked
  • How to assess your current exposed attack surface (with a free service!)