On-Demand Webinar
Microsoft and Zscaler: How Sanofi Achieved Fast and Secure Remote Access for 100,000 Users

Six months ago, the global pandemic left IT teams scrambling to support millions of employees suddenly working from home. Yet, many teams still rely on the same legacy technologies of the past, and struggle to scale and deliver a fast user experience. Their VPN appliances slow them down, and are even exploited due to outdated security postures.

Others revised their security model. They quickly adopted cloud-based technologies and are able to leverage conditional access policies to ensure authorized remote users get secure access to the apps they need.

In this webinar, learn how 100,000 employees at Sanofi were already set up to work remotely and securely by leveraging Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Zscaler Private Access when the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented across much of the world.

Join the conversation to learn:

  • See how Sanofi built and deployed a fast-response plan.
  • Learn about the benefits of the Azure AD and Zscaler integrations.
  • Get advice for shifting from crisis mode to a long-term cloud strategy.

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