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How Gartner’s SASE will transform security in 2020

Doing business has significantly changed during the past decade. New digital business models empower companies to engage with customers and employees in ways that consistently deliver access to applications and services no matter where they are or what device they are using to access it.

The traditional approaches of perimeter-based security no longer align with today’s business models. Instead, they increase cost and complexity while delivering a poor user experience. To address this ongoing challenge, Gartner has developed a new model of networking and security that matches these new requirements, called Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

In this webinar, we’ll discuss why Gartner has defined this new SASE architecture and how it will change IT.

Learn about:

  • How SASE evolved to its current definition and the challenges it addresses
  • The benefits of SASE deployments and how to get the most out of it
  • The key benefits and pitfalls to be aware of when deploying a SASE solution

About the Speakers:

Manoj Apte, Ph.D, Chief Strategy Officer, Zscaler - Dr. Manoj Apte is a veteran network security executive with over 15 years of experience in developing high performance networking and security systems. Manoj holds more than a dozen patents and has contributed to the Cloud Security Alliance since its initial charter. He earned a PhD in Computer Science from Mississippi State University and holds a B.Tech. in Aerospace Technology from IIT Bombay.

Nathan Howe, Director of Transformation Strategy, Zscaler - Nathan Howe has 20+ years in security experience across a multitude of organisations including governments enterprises and telco service providers. As a Director for Transformation Strategy, Nathan leverages this experience as an Architect, Pen Tester, Manager and Security Assessor to help guide companies through their transformation challenges. Prior to joining the Zscaler team in 2016 Nathan ended his 12 years at Nestle by successfully delivering Nestle's Global Cyber Security Compliance.

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