Get an Office 365 Experience Your Users Will Love

Whether you’re looking to deploy Office 365 on your network, or you’ve already begun the migration, there’s one measurement of success that is paramount: user experience. With multiple apps and services, including latency-sensitive applications like Skype, it’s critical to optimize your network for the fastest O365 experience. Microsoft recommends accessing Office 365 directly via the internet, but many companies don’t have the proper network setup. It’s no surprise, then, that Office 365 deployments frequently don’t go as planned.

Join this webinar to hear Alex Teteris, Principal Technology Evangelist at Zscaler, discuss how to improve the performance of your Office 365 deployment. You’ll hear:

  • What it takes to make your network cloud-ready for Office 365
  • Microsoft connectivity guidance, and common network issues to avoid
  • Real-world insights into Office 365 deployment strategies
  • How to deliver an Office 365 application experience your users will love


Meet the speaker

Alex Teteris

Principal Technology Evangelist,