On Demand Webinar

Five Ways to Blend Data Security Into AI Innovation

By now, many of us have considered, or even supported, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the enterprise. As companies increasingly rely on AI applications to support efficiency and spark innovation, a challenge emerges: ensuring sensitive, sometimes regulated data is not shared with these applications, even by well-meaning employees.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore the data security concerns that companies face when employees upload sensitive data to AI applications and learn the five things to consider when putting the right guardrails in place to balance AI innovation with enterprise needs to protect corporate data.

In these 30 minutes, we’ll cover:

  • The key questions to ask when considering AI usage
  • Top data security concerns and how data can be leaked
  • Five security considerations to acknowledge when allowing the use of AI apps
  • A brief demo of these capabilities in action

Dan Gould
Director of Product Marketing

Sanjay Kalra
Product Management leader

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