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Fall in Love with Your Remote Access Again

When was the last time you honestly said you liked your firewall or VPN? Let’s face it, they may be holding you back from finding the truly secure remote access relationship you want.

Your legacy appliances are stuck in the network-centric world. They attempt to control access to critical applications like SAP, AWS, ADP, [insert your favorite work app] with static network-layer policies and rules based on IPs addresses and TCP port values. But the way you work has changed. You access apps from anywhere, using any device, no longer tethered to the network.

If you’re wondering whether your firewalls and VPNs are worth holding onto, watch this on-demand webinar featuring Zscaler’s Remote Access Experts, Amy Heng and Linda Park as they discuss the signs that you may be in a relationship rut and give advice on how network admins can fall in love with remote access again. (Spoiler alert, the first step is breaking up with your legacy firewall and VPN.)

Reserve your spot and:

  • Learn how VPNs expose your apps and data to the internet
  • How implicit trust from legacy firewalls grants attackers unrestricted access
  • Why network-centric solutions are slow and expensive to maintain


Linda Park
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amy Heng
Product Marketing Manager

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