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Delivering Zero Trust with Cloud-Gen Firewalls

Next-generation, on premises firewalls have become “last generation.” 72% of enterprises are actively prioritizing zero trust, and these “last-gen” firewalls can’t meet zero trust demands. The present and future lie in cloud-generation firewalls, which provide a fundamentally different approach to zero trust.

Cloud-gen firewalls are decoupled from the complex underlying network, which allows for direct, secure connections from users to applications on all ports and protocols without any appliances and regardless of location.

Watch our on-demand webinar, ‘Delivering Zero Trust with Cloud-Gen Firewalls’, to understand and learn:

  • Why legacy firewalls are unfit for a zero trust security
  • Why you need a new firewall approach to solve cloud-first problems
  • How the Zscaler cloud-gen firewall can help you accelerate zero trust adoption
  • How to replace your existing firewalls with cloud-gen firewall

See why cloud-gen and zero trust are a match made in heaven.



Anusha Vaidyanathan
Director, Product Management

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