Define your zero trust path with Zscaler and AWS

It's clear that internal innovation and transformation are necessary to survive and thrive in a fast-moving industry. However, when it comes to securely enabling this, only a change in infrastructure can allow organizations to keep pace with employee and third-party user experience expectations.

In light of these needs, organizations must assess whether a solution can actually help release the brakes of legacy infrastructure and enable acceleration into the future.

Join us for a fireside chat featuring Mike Higgins, Head of Security, Amazon Healthcare Business and Pamela Kubiatowski, America's Field CTO of Zscaler, for an inside look at:

  • How organizations can create a flexible, scalable, and secure environment
  • Deliver sublime user experiences
  • Improve productivity and enable business continuity
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Pamela Kubiatowski
America's Field CTO,

Mike Higgins
Head of Security, Amazon Healthcare Business

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