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Zero Trust in 2021: Defending Against Supply Chain Attacks Like SolarWinds

The world's cybersecurity professionals are on high alert after witnessing the recent SolarWinds supply-chain attack and its widespread damage to various industries, such as consulting firms, universities, banks, and government agencies.

The aftermath of these attacks have led to security teams asking these key questions:

  • Is my organization affected?
  • How could this have been prevented?
  • What can my organization do now to prevent this in the future?

Not only will Deepen Desai (CISO & VP, Threat Research @ Zscaler) and Bryan Lee (Principal Product Manager @ Zscaler) answer these questions, but they will also dive into the attack’s details and provide best practices on how to prevent future supply-chain attacks with zero trust principles.

In addition, learn more about Zscaler’s free assessment program to get a personalized view into your organization’s exposure and hands-on help to improve your security posture against attacks such as SolarWinds in the future.


Deepen Desai
CISO | VP Security Research & Operations

Bryan Lee
Principal Product Manager

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