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Can your security keep up with
a multi-cloud strategy?

“50% of enterprises are deployed in two or more different clouds, while 40% are running in hybrid cloud environments.” - Firemon's "State of Hybrid Cloud Security Survey"

Enterprises are beginning to migrate private apps to multiple IaaS platforms. However, they are quickly discovering that the rate of migration has outpaced the ability to secure these private apps with a traditional network-centric approach.

Network-centric security wasn’t built to secure the agile world of the cloud, which is why Gartner recommends embracing zero trust network access (ZTNA) technologies. ZTNA, also known as SDP, enables secure access to private apps across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling secure cloud adoption. Learn how ZTNA can help you:

  • Obtain zero trust access to apps across cloud environments
  • Bring a normalized user experience to employees whether remote or in the office
  • Simplify management by standardizing on a single platform vs IaaS-specific tools
  • Ensure visibility into private apps running in a public cloud and discover Shadow IT apps

About Speakers

Nathan Howe has 20+ years in security experience across a multitude of organizations including governments and enterprises. He has served as the Principal ZPA architect across EMEA since early 2017.

Chris Hines has multiple years of experience in Product Marketing, working at ground breaking companies like Docker, Bitglass, and EMC. Having worked in NYC, Boston, Hong Kong, San Jose, CA, and San Francisco, Chris has accumulated a wealth of product marketing knowledge and impactful experiences.

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