On-demand Webinar

Bringing the Smart Factory to Life: Cloud Connectivity for OT Stakeholders

With the push toward industry 4.0—and more recently, industry 5.0–there’s a growing demand for cloud connectivity in factories, but factory operators have traditionally been cautious of the risk posed by bringing internet and cloud connectivity to the factory floor.

Register for our on-demand webinar, Bringing the Smart Factory to Life: Cloud Connectivity for OT Stakeholders, to hear experts in the production and operational technology (OT) security industry discuss ways to make digital transformation secure and seamless


  • The benefits of bringing cloud connectedness to the factory floor
  • Why OT/IT convergence is needed to achieve digitalization goals
  • How to calculate and reduce risks posed by connectedness
  • Principles of digital transformation and the role of zero trust access
  • How to implement cloud tools in a secure and responsible way


Nicole Bucala
Global Head, OT Partnerships

Rani Russell Shea
Siemens Advanta North America

Sophie Richerzhagen
Cybersecurity Product Owner
Siemens AG

Hannes Barth
Vice President Industrial & Rugged Networks for Digital Industries
Siemens AG

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