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Beyond the Office: Zero Trust and the Hybrid Work Hero

Is the hybrid office here to stay? 60% of businesses are betting it is, but at least one third of them will fail to make it a success.

As companies adapt their workplaces to support a mix of in-person and remote workers, IT leaders play a critical role in the success of hybrid teams. While this new model will provide more flexibility, it will also amplify the need for tools to help people maximize their time and stay secure in a world where boundaries are disappearing.

Powering a secure hybrid workforce requires technology that prioritizes speed, reliability, and the employee experience. None of which is possible with legacy security and networks which slow people down and make them less productive.

Watch our Zscaler zero trust experts as they discuss how you can be the hero of your hybrid organization by delivering a seamless and secure work experience.

We’ll answer these frequently asked questions:

  • How has network and security architecture changed in the last three decades?
  • Where do current technologies fall short?
  • What does this evolution mean for you and your company?
  • How does zero trust help secure a positive hybrid experience?


Kevin Schwarz
Director, Transformation Strategy
EMEA Central

Kanishka Pandit
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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