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Best Practices for Securing Workloads During Cloud Migration

A new security architecture must be implemented as workloads migrate to the cloud. VPNs and virtualized firewalls from legacy security vendors provide inadequate cloud workload security and often negate cloud migration benefits including, speed, elasticity, and agility.

Additionally, the public cloud shared responsibility model must be considered as organizations pursue initiatives including ransomware prevention, data protection, and M&A integration which are typically carried out across multi and hybrid cloud environments.

Join us as we share how Zscaler’s zero trust architecture eliminates the attack surface, prevents the lateral movement of threats, secures workloads, and enables customers to realize the full potential of the cloud. Zscaler experts Blanco Lam, Senior Director - Workload Protection, and Zoltan Kovacs, Principal - Workload Protection, will share cloud migration best practices to eliminate the attack surface, prevent lateral movement of threats, and stop compromise of workloads.

Highlights include:

  • How to secure workloads from build through runtime while remaining aligned with DevOps
  • How to secure connectivity for cloud workloads to the internet, data center, and other apps
  • How to deploy a zero trust architecture for all users and workloads in a consistent manner



Blanco Lam
Senior Director of Workload Protection

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