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Best Practices for Moving from Firewalls to Zero Trust

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‘Zero trust’ is not a product, it’s a strategy. Moving from a legacy hub-and-spoke network architecture and a castle-and-moat security strategy to a modern zero trust approach requires not only a technological shift but also new (and better!) ways of operating.

In this on-demand webinar, Mark Brozek, Director of Product Marketing from Zscaler, and Ankit Agarwal, Head of IT Infrastructure & Global Systems Architect at Encora, walk through the fundamental differences between old-world and new-world architectures, and how to think about those differences during architecture rollout and policy creation.

They also discuss:

  • The difference in approaches between a firewall-based security strategy and one built on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange
  • How to create policies and signature sets for a zero trust architecture
  • Learnings from Encora’s deployment of Zscaler to scale and secure its highly distributed organization while reducing cost and management burden