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Advances in Ransomware and How to Defend Against It

Ransomware has increased in both velocity and sophistication in the past year, with over $20B in reported damages in 2020. Today, cybercriminals are bypassing defenses by hiding in encrypted traffic and trusted third-party applications and are increasing their leverage using double-extortion and DDoS tactics. The Zscaler ThreatLabz research team monitors data from over 150 million daily blocked attacks, uncovering insights into the mechanics of these attacks and how to prevent them.

Join Director of Threat Intelligence Brett Stone-Gross and Director of Malware Labs Nirmal Singh as they walk through emerging ransomware trends, frequently exploited vulnerabilities, attack sequences of the top ransomware families, and key strategies to prevent these evolving threats.

Discover :

  • The latest trends in ransomware
  • Attack sequences of the top ransomware families
  • Key strategies to prevent modern ransomware attacks

Nirmal Singh
Director, Malware Labs,

Brett Stone-Gross
Director, Threat Intelligence,

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