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Accelerate Your Digital Business Initiatives with Zero Trust

The entities across your enterprise have never been so connected. Employees, partners, customers, applications, systems, and devices are all communicating and sharing data to make the business run more intelligently, swiftly, and efficiently. But these benefits have a flipside that CISOs must overcome: risk.

Join this session to see how to deliver business-critical access across your ecosystem while minimizing your attack surface. Learn how organizations are stopping inbound threats and data loss that’s hidden in encrypted traffic. Discover how to dramatically reduce risk by preventing lateral movement on your network. It all starts by replacing a network-based security approach with zero trust.

In this keynote session, Deneen DeFiore McGarvey, VP and CISO of United and Jay Chaudhry, Founder and CEO of Zscaler, will discuss where to begin with zero trust. They’ll share how the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, a global platform is helping thousands of organizations securely embrace cloud transformation and mobility while eliminating the attack surface that is created by legacy technologies.

Learn how zero trust secures the hybrid enterprise on multiple levels with

  • Secure access to private apps to ensure that authorized employees, partners, and B2B customers get access to the apps they need—without introducing risk
  • Secure access to SaaS and internet through inline inspection of all inbound and outbound traffic, including SSL/TLS, regardless of where the user connects
  • Secure cloud workloads to protect app-to-app communications in hybrid and multicloud environments

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