Top 5 security predictions for 2019

As security professionals, how can we be sure that we’re ready for 2019?

After the last couple years, when our practices and conventions have been tested again and again, it’s a little daunting to consider what may face us in the year ahead.

  • Will attackers set their sights on cloud apps?
  • Will hackers join forces with organized crime?
  • Will governments look to the private sector to deal with the skills gap?
  • What will happen to cybersecurity budgets?

Join Zscaler CISOs Stan Lowe and Bil Harmer to hear their top predictions for 2019 along with an in-depth perspective on the key drivers shaping our security industry.

About the Speakers:

Prior to joining Zscaler, Stan was the CISO at PerkinElmer, spent over 10 years leading IT and security at the US Government as the CISO for Veterans Affairs and Department of the Interior, and was the CIO of the FTC.

Bil Harmer has over 30 years of IT security experience. Prior to Zscaler, Bil was the VP of Security and Global Privacy Officer at SuccessFactors, A SAP Company. 

Stan and Bil have both dedicated their careers to leading cybersecurity initiatives and educating others on a variety of security topics. 


Meet the speakers

Stan Lowe

Global CISO


Bil Harmer