Three Ways Zero Trust Security Redefines Partner Access

One of the toughest IT challenges has been figuring out how to allow users to bring their own devices to work while maintaining the security of internal apps. It becomes even more complicated when a good chunk of users are partners, contractors, and other third parties—those who present a disproportionately high security risk.

IT teams have begun to leverage a zero trust security strategy that enables third parties and users on unmanaged devices to securely access internal apps. But can such access be accomplished without placing users on the network and without a mobile client?

It can now. Join Zscaler and Navigant Consulting in a discussion of how Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)—and its new browser access capability—enables IT to deliver the access users want, with the zero trust security they need. You’ll learn about:

  • Key concepts of zero trust security
  • Best practices for BYOD and partner access to apps
  • ZPA’s new browser access capability
  • Customers who are already benefiting from the technology


Meet the speakers

Mike Smith

IT Security Manager,

Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Kunal Shah

Principal Product Manager,