Schneider Electric Powers Security Transformation with One Simple App

Rethink your security for a global workforce and a cloud-first world.

When Schneider Electric decided to undergo a digital transformation initiative, they knew their approach to security would also need to transform. As their apps moved to the cloud and their users left the network, the Schneider team needed a way to deliver consistent security controls across a globally dispersed workforce of 140,000 users. That’s where Zscaler came in.

Join this webcast to hear how Yohann Royer, Internet Service Line Manager at Schneider Electric, and David Creedy, Senior Product Manager at Zscaler, discuss how to fully secure a distributed workforce. You’ll hear:

  • Real-world insights into the deployment journey with Zscaler
  • How to deliver always-on security to a mobile workforce
  • How Zscaler App works with Zscaler to deliver a unified security posture
  • In-depth perspectives on transforming your security and making it cloud ready

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Meet the speakers

Yohann Royer

Internet Service Line Manager

Schneider Electric

David Creedy

Senior Product Manager