Deliver a Seamless and Secure Office 365 User Experience

Zscaler and Okta

It goes without saying Office 365 is changing the IT landscape. While the platform holds the promise of increased productivity and costs saving, migrating your IT environment to Office 365 can be a monumental task and introduce new security risks.

Join Dan Shelton from Zscaler and Nick Fisher from Okta to learn how to quickly enable your workforce with Office 365 while mitigating the risks that often come with it.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Enable direct internet connections that ensure a fast application experience to Office 365, while enabling a safe and secure connection for your users and data.
  • Quickly deploy and provision your Office 365 apps using single-sign on and lifecycle management features, while securing against phishing attacks using multi-factor authentication.


Meet the speakers

Dan Shelton

Director of Product Management 


Nick Fisher

Product, Marketing Manager,