Kelly Services: Lessons learned from deploying a global network to support O365

How to successfully deploy Office 365 and maximize application performance

With over 10,000 users and 900 locations across 22 countries, Kelly Services exemplifies the diversified multinational organization. But as Kelly Services looked to standardize on Office 365, it became apparent that full application support across the Office 365 suite would require a complete network transformation, from a legacy hub-and-spoke network to a modern direct-to-cloud architecture.

Join this session to hear first-hand how Kelly Services was able to drive down MPLS and networking costs, deliver a fast Office 365 application experience to users around the globe, and fundamentally transform its network infrastructure. You’ll hear:

  • In-depth perspectives on how to make your network cloud-ready for Office 365
  • What it takes to successfully deploy an Office 365 network on a global scale
  • How to deploy applications like Skype, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive on a global, distributed network
  • Real-world insights into a deployment journey with Zscaler

Meet the speakers

Robb Wilber

Director, Global Networks and Telecom,

Kelly Services

Dan Shelton

Director of Product Management,