How the World's First FedRAMP Authorized Zero Trust Cloud Solution Simplifies Remote Access

For years TIC and VPN were the primary solutions to optimize and standardize security for remote users looking to access agency applications. Today, the government is transforming. Apps are migrating onto the government cloud and agency workers are mobile. This uncharted territory requires agencies to rethink how to secure remote access to apps for all users, devices, and locations and do so based on zero trust.

Agencies like the Federal Communications Commission believe in a new alternative to TIC. One built in the cloud, for the cloud.

Join Carahsoft and Zscaler as we discuss a new FedRAMP Authorized service for zero trust remote access. Learn best practices to reduce TIC use, eliminate VPNs, and deliver a better, more secure experience for remote users. You’ll hear:

  • Why cloud and mobility drive change within government network security
  • Differences between zero trust security and TIC
  • How to improve government security posture and incident response capabilities
  • An overview of how Zscaler’s FedRamp Authorized cloud service works


Meet the speakers

Stephen Kovac

Vice President of Global Government  and Compliance,


Lisa Lorenzin

Director, Emerging Technology Solutions,