Gambling on security does not pay off!
Spend 15 minutes learning to enable secure, direct-to-cloud connections

As you embark upon your cloud transformation journey, you’ll quickly learn that traditional network security is far from a safe bet. Fully embracing the cloud requires a change in your approach to networking and security. But, how can you architect your network to provide fast, secure, and seamless access for all users, wherever they connect?

Join this 15-minute webinar to explore the elements of a comprehensive security platform, and learn how to enable direct access to the internet and cloud applications for all users in all locations, without gambling on security. You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • The need to deliver identical security and access controls for all users, wherever they connect
  • What it takes to enable a full security stack, without compromising on user experience or performance
  • How to achieve comprehensive security while reducing costs, enabling scale, and simplifying IT


Meet the speakers

Naresh Kumar

Principal Product Manager,


Jen Toscano

Sr. Product Marketing Manager,