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Cloud Security for the Financial Industry: Accelerate your Cloud Strategy with Confidence

The cloud is driving digital transformation, ushering in a new era of scale, performance, and agility. Unfortunately, the pace of adoption has created a massive attack surface and increased business risk. Bad actors recognize this adoption as an opportunity to spot gaps in security posture and cash in. The number one target? Large financial institutions protecting confidential data for millions of customers worldwide.

Zscaler Cloud Protection delivers a new approach that takes the operational complexity and headaches out of cloud workload security. Our innovative zero trust architecture reduces business risk by automatically remediating security gaps, minimizing the attack surface, and eliminating lateral threat movement. This session will focus on four key areas, supported by relevant customer examples from the Financial Services industry:

  1. Securing workload configurations and permissions
  2. Securing user access to cloud applications
  3. Securing application-to-application communications
  4. Eliminating lateral threat movement

In this session, we’ll hear from Danny Connelly, former Associate CISO, Operations Branch Chief for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During his 11 year tenure at CDC, Danny was responsible for implementing operational capabilities to support Incident Response, Forensics, Cyber Threat Intel and Insider Threat functions. He has designed, implemented and optimized enterprise cyber security capabilities to effectively detect, prevent and respond to emerging cyber security threats. We’ll also hear from Rich Campagna, Zscaler Senior Vice President of Cloud Protection, who is leading the charge in terms of solution advancements for Zscaler’s Cloud Protection roadmap.

Together, Danny and Rich will speak about a future-proof security posture that supports flexible requirements beyond the pandemic, while delivering a great user experience, increased productivity, and improved business continuity that encompasses cutting edge cloud protection designed for the future.

Looking forward to having you join us!


Danny Connelly
Chief Information Security Officer,
Americas, Zscaler

Rich Campagna
SVP, Cloud Protection,

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