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Transform the way you find and stop Advanced Threats

Why you need an integrated cloud sandbox

Today's advanced threats use techniques that often make them invisible to traditional appliance based security approaches. With SSL on the rise, malicious web content, and all around infection creativity, hackers and advanced threats have more than enough places to hide. Stopping these complex attacks takes a completely integrated sandbox that delivers full threat visibility across all users, no matter where they connect from.

Jozef Krakora
Principal Product Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
Steve Grossenbacher
Sr Product Marketing Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
Jozef Krakora, Principal Product Manager and Steve Grossenbacher, Sr Product Marketing Manager invite you to attend this webcast to:
  • Hear about current attack trends being used in the industry.
  • Understand what is needed to flush out and find todays advanced persistent threats.
  • Learn about best practices you can employ to bolster your user security

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