The evolving CIO|CISO relationship  

As businesses mandates more innovation from IT, the role of the CIO and CTO become more critical while, in many cases, the CISO becomes an after-thought or a checkbox on key initiatives.

The control points that CISOs were responsible for have largely disappeared so innovative CISOs have to deploy a risk-based security approach. And CIOs must move from thinking of their data center as the corporate epicenter, and admit that the Internet is their new corporate network.

  • What are the common misunderstandings that occur between a CIO and CISO?
  • What is the new IT language that CISOs must understand?
  • How can they rethink security in the new cloud-enabled enterprise?

Join Larry Biagini, former CTO of GE and now Chief Technology Evangelist with Zscaler, for a webcast where he will share lessons learned and insights gained from his efforts leading GE’s IT organization through a massive cloud transformation. Mr. Biagini will explain some of the common misunderstandings between CISOs and CIOs and the changes they need to make in their roles – and mindsets – to thrive in the cloud.

Larry Biagini
Chief Technology Evangelist
Zscaler, Inc.
Jason Georgi
Head of the Value Management Office
Zscaler, Inc.