Secure Access to your B2B Applications, with Zscaler B2B

Minimize your attack surface and maximize collaboration

Zscaler B2B allows enterprises to securely collaborate with their customers, suppliers and manufacturers with a cloud-delivered zero trust architecture. This new solution from Zscaler enables this by:

  • Shrinking the attack surface by using inside-out connections
  • Supporting multiple IDP, and reducing cost and management of identities
  • Seamlessly connecting users to approved resources in a zero trust manner
  • Providing SSL offload, load balancing, and a modern authentication workflow

The cloud-delivered security provided by Zscaler Private Access has allowed us to rapidly deploy remote access services to employees and third-party vendors at scale, and without undue security concerns and undue overhead of traditional VPN solutions. We look forward to exploring this approach for our private business apps being accessed by many of our customers today."
- Matt Ramberg, Vice President Information Security, Sanmina

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