Slow Office 365 Deployment?

Let Zscaler help you get in the fast lane!

Even with careful planning, deploying Microsoft Office 365 on time and delivering a fast user experience can be a challenge. While many customers assume their traditional networks are ready for Office 365, in reality Microsoft recommends a different strategy. By understanding the common pitfalls of deployment and using some proper guidance, you too can put the pedal to the metal on your Office 365 installation. Your network and your users will thank you!

Steve House
Vice President 
Product Management
Zscaler, Inc.
Gerry Festa
VP of Product Marketing
Zscaler, Inc.

In this session, Zscaler Vice President of Product Management, Steve House will discuss the most important aspects of how to deploy Office 365 correctly.

You’ll hear:

  • How to remove common deployment hurdles
  • Microsoft’s official recommendations to install Office 365
  • Network changes you must make for best deployment results
  • How you can guarantee a fast experience for all your users

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