Faster, Simpler, More Secure Remote Access to Apps in AWS

Improve user experience and simplify your move to AWS 

Although 60% of enterprises now run apps on AWS, the user experience for remote users is typically slow as most traffic is still tunneled through their data center breaking the cloud experience. A secure direct-to-cloud remote access experience without a VPN enables enterprises to migrate their legacy apps to AWS by delivering fast app access to DevOps and the policy-based security IT admins love.

Enterprise must rethink the way they provide remote access to internal apps.

Patrick Foxhoven
CIO and VP
Emerging Technologies
Zscaler, Inc.

Sam Hennessy
Senior Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services

Join Patrick Foxhoven, CIO and VP of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler and Sam Hennessy, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they discuss Zscaler Private Access.

You'll learn how you can:
  • Provide a direct-to-cloud user experience
  • Easily configure access controls and policies
  • Deliver remote access w/o network access
  • Standardize security across all your platforms