Secure access to applications on Microsoft Azure

Today 34% of enterprises are running applications within Azure Cloud. That's up 14% from last year! The problem is that Enterprise Networking and Security teams still rely on the VPN to provide remote access to the network for their mobile users. The VPN, famous for giving users a poor user experience, breaks the cloud experience, exposes the network to employees while driving costs and complexity when migrating apps to Azure.

It's time for enterprises to rethink the way they provide remote access. It's time for them to retire their VPN.

Patrick Foxhoven
CIO and VP
Emerging technologies
Zscaler, Inc.


Please join Patrick Foxhoven, CIO and VP of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler, Inc., as he explains how enterprises use Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) for Azure solution provide faster, secure remote access to internal applications for their remote employees. We'll discuss how ZPA:

  • Provides direct to cloud access for a better user experience
  • Provides secure remote access without the use of VPN
  • Reduces costs and complexity due to no need for inbound VPN gateways

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