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The right tool for evoking cybersecurity awareness across the board
Christopher Jablonski, Director, CXO REvolutionaries & Community, Zscaler

Love it or hate it, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is always a time when cyber mindshare across the citizenry ticks upward and cyber leaders that have the luxury to take a step back and question and update cybersecurity approaches do so. But where to start? Most costly incidents can be attributed to human behavior, so how about there? In the age of engineered influence, how do we trust human judgment calls that can expose organizations to risk?

23-10-ZS-BoDBook-Cover-01.pngHuman discretion is valuable since everything can't be automated and nuances and edge cases to deal with in business (see story below). Using as much technology as possible to handle processes and workflows, enforcing robust policies, and enhancing vigilance will safeguard your organization against breaches. I’ll spare you from a recital of the proactive measures you already know that protect your data and fortify your enterprise.

But there’s a very influential group that does not know about them: your organization’s board of directors. Since cyber risk is gaining pole position among the usual business risks boards concern themselves with, we produced a new book with the help of some knowledgeable authors who happen to be board members themselves. With the board on your side, you can drive cybersecurity initiatives that have backing from the absolute top. I recommend downloading the free 100-page guide and sharing it with your board’s risk committee. That’ll raise awareness.

From the Office of the CTO:
Human discretion is great, right? Not when it’s the lifeblood of social engineering attacks
Brett James, CTO in Residence, Zscaler
When people talk about zero trust, the first thing that comes to mind is the network, the infrastructure, or the architecture of the enterprise. That is a good starting point, but IT organizations only start to reconsider policies and procedures to support the new concepts during implementation. At this point, IT pros really start to understand what a true zero trust transformation entails.

It entails everything.

To get a handle on it, start with the industry-standard source for zero trust architecture: The National Institute of Standards and Technology. Its NIST 800-207 special publication on zero trust focuses on IT infrastructure, introducing the policy enforcement point (PEP) as not only a centralized application access and authorization point but also a mechanism for stopping malware and other cyber attacks.

Making a case for people-centric policy enforcement points.
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High-profile incidents are one of the most surefire ways to get companies to take cybersecurity off of the back burner and into focus for leadership. Breaches are commonly due to a lack of resources, whether that be skilled personnel, the right tools, or a lack of progress toward a mature cybersecurity program.
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When an attacker scans your environment for entryways, what’s the most promising vulnerability they will discover? Verizon's 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report found that over 74% of breaches required human exploitation to be successful. That means humans still represent the greatest vulnerability to our cybersecurity. This won’t surprise many working in the field. Unfortunately, awareness of the problem has not reduced the risk it represents.
Create a culture of security
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