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Rohit Adlakha Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ (former)

True leaders play an infinite game of driving wellness, development, engagement, and outcomes for the people for which they are responsible, using inspired leadership that balances culture and strategy.

Rohit Adlakha, Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ (former)
Entrepreneurial spirit, digital disruption, and the cybersecurity “great awakening"
Hard work. Integrity. Honesty: three simple ideas that can guide life from humble beginnings to greatness. In a recent podcast, CXO REvolutionary Rohit Adlakha interviews Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry about how these values took him from a small farming town in Himachal Pradesh, India to building multi-billion dollar enterprises and inventing a different approach to cybersecurity with Zscaler. The inspirational discussion ventures into top issues of our time, including wealth distribution, education, diversity and inclusion, and philanthropy. Listen now AR Talkies.

In addition to his own podcast, Rohit contributes to the CXO community in other ways, such as speaking on topics like digital experience management and sharing original views about zero trust, like in this popular article: Legacy cybersecurity is an albatross: Digital success needs a better model.

Successful organizations in the digital era ought to be focused on upending business models and disrupting the status quo to deliver value to customers and the world. Unfortunately, cybercriminals lurk across cyberspace and use ransomware to extort millions of dollars from both the private and public sectors. Now that the president of the United States is involved, we’re on the precipice of a cybersecurity awakening where the industry will have no choice but to collaborate and put an end to systemic ransomware threats. To play your part, join us on October 20th at the Zscaler Virtual CXO Summit: Resilience Against Ransomware: Zero Trust Best Practices for Threat Protection.
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From the Office of the CTO:
Use SASE to simplify your security tools
Dan Shelton, Head of Transformation Strategy/Field CTO - AMS, Zscaler
Castle-and-moat security architectures include stacks of security devices such as IDS, IPS, firewalls, DLP, and SSL inspection, among others. These security tools examine outbound and inbound traffic for threats and malicious activity, and each one produces its own reports, logs, and data.
The challenge for IT is to parse, and then make sense from the deluge of data. Troubleshooting requires finding a needle in a haystack. Correction: in multiple haystacks. Often, determining causality requires detecting, then analyzing correlation across multiple systems, a manual task made all the more difficult when IT must integrate reports from each individual security device. In each individual stack. In each individual branch office.
The data deluge only grows larger and the management challenge more daunting as enterprises move to cloud applications (which generate more data traffic). Depending on the number and location of deployments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with multiple data sets.
Malicious actors count on this. They hide malware in an avalanche of data. Some cyberthreats are “multi-part,” and detonate only after seemingly innocent components regroup into a malicious whole on a client machine. More data plus more cyber tools plus and more cyber tool reports equal more cover for cyber threats.
Yes, to that second question. Regarding the first, enterprises need to move to a cloud-based, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture that provides a centralized, global view of all user activity. SASE secures a user’s direct connection to an application regardless of where the user is located or where the application is hosted. IT can see all “what, where, and who” activity in real time. A SASE architecture provides:
A comprehensive picture of who is interacting with what application anywhere in the enterprise
A dynamic, comprehensive list of the hourly transactions, threats blocked, and policies enforced
The movement of any threats in corporate data traffic, with place of origin, attempted targets, and threat types
Learn more about SASE.
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