Much has changed since the 1990s, when the remote access VPN was first introduced. But since very little has changed in the remote access world since then, enterprises have been forced to continue to rely on old technology, hosted in the datacenter, to provide secure remote access in an IT world that is transforming.

Users have grown frustrated, tired of using remote access VPNs to connect to applications, and reliance of hardware appliances diminish the benefits of cloud and mobility. This has caused enterprises to rethink how they secure remote access, for the first time in years.
Why It’s Time to Retire The VPN.
Enterprise networking and security are transforming. Applications no longer run solely within the datacenter, but in cloud as well. Employees now access them from multiple devices for remote locations all around the world.

So why route user traffic though a static gateway hosted in the datacenter?
Increased Risk
The remote access VPN places users on the network, exposing it to potential attacks.
Poor User Experience
Remote users are forced to fire up VPN clients each time they want to access an app. This cuts into productivity.
Expensive & Complex
VPN Gateway appliance stacks are expensive to scale across multiple datacenters and are difficult to manage.
The Revolution of Secure Remote Access is Now.
Zscaler Private Access.
Learn how you can give remote employees the experience they want, while getting the security that you need.
  • No VPN or gateway appliances
  • Direct-to-app user access
  • Secure remote access to internal apps

Your Remote Access VPN Retirement Benefits

Great Experience

Better Security

Lower Costs

Less Complexity

Cloud-like Experience Meets Secure Remote Access
In this quick video our CIO shows a glimpse of both the admin and remote user experience with Zscaler Private Access.