White paper

Decoding Modern DNS Threats

More than 70% of modern attacks involve the Domain Name System (DNS) in the attack sequence – yet many organizations don’t monitor DNS traffic, particularly when that traffic is encrypted.

Attacks using DNS can take the form of spoofing, amplification, and tunneling, just to name a few. Adversaries can use DNS to gather actionable information of targeted victims or enterprises, they can hijack DNS queries to exfiltrate data, they can set up their own malicious DNS servers, or they can communicate using legitimate DNS application layer protocol to avoid detection and network filtering.

Organizations need better control over their DNS, not only for security, but also better visibility, faster resolution, and consistently high availability, ensuring the best experience for users.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The most common DNS challenges that affect performance and security
  • Why legacy technology struggles to protect against modern DNS threats
  • How to ensure consistent DNS resolution and performance regardless of where your users, devices, and applications are
  • Best practices for future-proofing your DNS security and resolution using cloud scale

Download the White paper