An Architect’s Guide to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Maybe you’ve considered adopting zero trust as a guiding principle for architecting a secure network but aren’t sure where to start. Maybe it all seems a little overwhelming. Maybe you’re just looking for a practical guide to getting it done.

Broken down into seven elements, gain an understanding of each step a user must pass through after initiating a request and before a connection is granted.

  • Crucial criteria for verifying identity, context, and app policy before any connection is considered
  • The importance of content inspection – even in the likely case the traffic is encrypted
  • How a dynamic risk score helps in conducting policy enforcement based on an organization’s risk tolerance

It all adds up to the definitive, modern path for creating a fast, reliable, and easy-to-operate zero trust network architecture

Read a summary of the Seven Elements of Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture to learn more!

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