White paper
Adopting MITRE Engage with Zscaler Deception

Using deception and adversary engagement operations to improve cybersecurity.

MITRE Engage is a knowledge base and framework for applying state-of-the-art active defense, deception, and adversary engagement operations to improve overall cybersecurity posture. Unlike a product or a platform, active defense is a fundamental shift in how security is approached by using deception to engage and disrupt an adversary's mission.

Zscaler designs and operates active defense programs for many of the world's most targeted organizations. Our new whitepaper details the extent of Zscaler Active Defense capabilities in relation to the MITRE Engage framework, including:

  • How Zscaler covers 99% of MITRE Engage activities
  • An inside look into Zscaler Deception
  • The benefits of using deception and lures to ward off attackers
  • How Zscaler Deception can be easily added to your existing security stack

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