Find out what’s hiding in encrypted traffic

Zscaler Cloud Security Insights report

The rise in the use of SSL has been swift and significant. According to estimates, nearly 90% of all internet traffic moves over encrypted channels. While this is a great thing for privacy, it presents a significant challenge to IT security. Bad actors know that SSL inspection is a challenge with traditional security controls, which is why they've embraced SSL as an infection transport.

ThreatLabZ, the Zscaler research team, has analyzed SSL traffic and threats over the last six months. The result is a report that shows just how prevalent SSL-based threats have become. 

Download the report to:

  • Learn what types of threats are targeting companies over SSL
  • Understand why secure websites may not be as safe as you think
  • See why free SSL certificates are creating a growing security risk
  • Read about a rising threat involving JavaScript skimmers on encrypted e-commerce websites

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