White paper

Zscaler - Evolving Alongside CMMC 2.0
Helping Organizations Meet CMMC Compliance

Download the white paper now to explore the latest on CMMC compliance including:

  • Current research on why CMMC is critical for CUI
  • How zero trust architecture helps DoD suppliers comply with CMMC 2.0
  • CMMC compliance use cases for federal and defense customers
  • Accreditations to support CMMC
  • Zscaler-CMMC 2.0 Security Control Mapping

Malicious cyber activity costs the world almost a trillion dollars annually. In addition to the financial impact, the aggregate loss of controlled unclassified information (CUI) from the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) increases the risk to national economic security and, in turn, national security.

CMMC is the certification process developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure that DoD contractors have a unified cybersecurity standard system for protecting sensitive data. The CMMC Model 2.0 was updated in November 2021 and organizations are challenged with the approaching deadline to comply with the mandate.

Get the Zscaler CMMC 2.0 white paper to learn how Zscaler can assist your organization in transforming its IT security environment to be highly adaptive to the new threat landscape and provide a modernized approach to meet US federally regulated accreditations like CMMC.

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