White Paper

The Definitive Guide to Secure Remote Access

Take a modern approach to enabling secure connectivity to internal applications.

Applications are now running in cloud and users are accessing them from everywhere. This means that organizations no longer control the network, making it impossible to do network security, and disrupting 25 years of remote access technology.

Transformation has created a need for a better approach to remote access. VPNs backhaul traffic through a datacenter just to access apps running in cloud. This means a poor user experience and an increase in MPLS costs. This is why Gartner recommends that enterprises adopt a software-defined perimeter (SDP) service instead.

Within this guide you’ll discover:

  • Why network-centric solutions like VPN are a mismatch for cloud
  • The requirements of remote access in a cloud-first world
  • Software-defined perimeters (SDP) and their role in enabling zero trust networking
  • How to get started with SDP

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