Why IT leaders should consider a zero trust network access (ZTNA) strategy

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“With the changes we’ve made on our journey to the cloud, I’m confident we’ll be in a strong position to handle whatever comes along. In the end, this experience will have a long-lasting impact and will ultimately change legacy mindsets. We are opening eyes to new ways of working while showing the impact of technology and the resilience and creativity of our workforce.”

- Alex Philips, Chief Information Officer at National Oilwell Varco

Your role as an IT leader has evolved, and so too have the technologies that drive business decisions. Today, you are tasked with guiding your organization as it adopts public cloud services, accelerating M&A IT integrations, and enabling mobile users to work from any device, anywhere, while ensuring the security of the business.

To achieve these goals, you need a modern approach to security. In this paper you can read about:

  • Changing technology and the evolving role of IT leaders
  • The core reasons users hate VPN
  • Factors IT leaders must now consider when adopting new technology
  • How a ZTNA solution drives business success