The Top Three Benefits of SASE

"Instead of the security perimeter being entombed in a box at the data center edge, the perimeter is now everywhere an enterprise needs it to be — a dynamically created, policy-based secure access service edge."
Gartner, The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud; 30 August 2019;
Lawrence Orans, Joe Skorupa, Neil MacDonald

According to Gartner, secure access service edge, or SASE, addresses today’s most common security challenges arising from more applications liviang outside the data center, sensitive data stored across multiple cloud services, and users connecting from anywhere and on any device.

This new paper explores the SASE model in detail, including:

  • Why organizations are moving to a SASE architecture
  • The three benefits of adopting SASE
  • Pitfalls to avoid when implementing SASE

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