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The Top 40 ransomware techniques and how to mess with them

Get your guide to an active defense against ransomware

Forget long explanations and endless stats on the impact of ransomware. In this no-BS guide, you’ll get tactical, proven ways to defend against today’s top 40 ransomware techniques. Download your copy to start defending against today’s most prevalent threads, including:

Exit options for a business or product line can lead to a long and arduous separation process. Therefore, it is important to start planning prior to signing on what will be part of the asset perimeter in order to determine transition services. Further definition of the transition services and planning for the interim and end state operating model then follows between sign and close. Outcomes of the operating model discussions will inform key architecture considerations. It is important to determine the separation approach, including the following:

  • Active defense tactics for the top 40 ransomware techniques
  • Implementation recommendations for each active defense
  • How each active defense maps to MITRE Shield techniques

If you’re interested in beating ransomware at its own game, dirty tricks and all, this guide is for you.

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